Agave Geminiflora: Easy Guide For Caring and Propagation

Agave geminiflora

Have you ever wished for a very low-maintenance succulent that can bring a desert vibe into your doors? Your answer is probably, Yes. As a gardener, finding a succulent requiring minimal care is like a treasure, Right? In this article, I am glad to inform you that we have found that treasure, especially for you, … Read more

How To Care For Succulents | Indoors and Outdoors Succulents Care

How To Care For Succulents Indoors and Outdoors Succulents Care

Did you know there’s a charismatic family of plants that can add exceptional beauty to your indoor and outdoor space yet require minimal fuss? Introducing, succulents! These drought-resistant plants are a favorite among plant enthusiasts, beginners, and experienced gardeners alike, for their ease of care and fascinating variety. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or … Read more

Succulent Plants Meaning: In Spiritual, Love and Feng shui

succulent plants meaning

Introduction I have always searched for meaning in things since I was a child. The symbolism behind this or that piqued my interest. Would it be a good idea to keep it at home? What if it symbolizes a negative meaning? It is also common to have these questions when purchasing succulents or growing them. … Read more

Echeveria agavoides Ebony : A Complete Guide

Echeveria agavoides ebony

Growing succulents is always fun. Learning its growing behavior and requirements lets me be closer to these plants. Among various succulents, my personal favorite is Echeveria agavoides Ebony because of its amazing appearance and absolutely beautiful mix of colours. This article will give you detailed information about how to care for and propagate Ebony.  Echeveria … Read more

String of Tears: Beginner’s Guide to Care and Propagation

string of tears

Have you ever thought of decorating your Balcony with strings covered with beautiful leaves?? If yes, then a string of tears is a pretty good option. You can grow this plant in a hanging basket on your Balcony with minimal care. The only thing to care for is that they must be provided with support … Read more

Dwarf Carpet of Stars (Ruschia nana): Care and Propagation

dwarf carpet of stars, ruschia nana

Do you know you can have a lawn of succulents?? Strange huh?? Yeah. Ruschia nana aka Dwarf Carpet of Stars is a very soothing, low-maintenance plant that works great as a ground cover. The astonishing fact about making the lawns of Ruschia is that we don’t have to mow them. We do have time boundaries … Read more

25 Astonishing Variegated Succulents With Images

variegated succulents

Plants possessing thick fleshy stems adapted for water storage are called succulents. As we know, they are native to desert or semi-arid areas. To survive in such an environment, succulents are adapted to store in their plant parts like stems, leaves or both and possess deep root systems. There are more than 60 plant families … Read more

20+Astonishing Red Succulents That Stays Red

The word Succulent is derived from the Latin word ‘sucus’, meaning juicy or sap. In general, Succulents are referred to as the plants with fleshy and engorged parts adapted to retain water in arid climates and dry soil conditions. They have different parts modified for the water storage and are drought tolerant. They are low … Read more

20+ Large Succulents Which Looks Stunning

Large Succulents Plants having thick fleshy tissue adapted to water storage are known as succulents. Some succulent plants store water in their leaves whereas those lacking leaves or having small leaves store water mainly in the stem. Deep root system adapted to the desert condition is their characteristic feature. Most of the cultivated succulent plants … Read more