Overwatered vs Underwatered Succulent: Signs and Remedies

Overwatered vs Underwatered Succulent

Introduction By the term Succulents, we understand the desert plants with fleshy, swollen modified stems or leaves for storage of water making them drought-resistant and can survive even in a limited supply of water. The word succulent itself comes from the Latin word ‘sulcus’, meaning juice or sap. Using succulents as the houseplant has been … Read more

Echeveria agavoides Ebony : A Complete Guide

Echeveria agavoides ebony

Growing succulents is always fun. Learning its growing behavior and requirements lets me be closer to these plants. Among various succulents, my personal favorite is Echeveria agavoides Ebony because of its amazing appearance and absolutely beautiful mix of colours. This article will give you detailed information about how to care for and propagate Ebony.  Echeveria … Read more

How to Care and Propagate String of Pearls Plant

string of pearls plant

Are you a busy bee who doesn’t get enough time to take care of plants but is extremely fond of growing plants? If so, go for a string of pearls. These natural pearls are no wonder as fascinating as the real ones. It has got a shiny, bright green color which can be easily grown … Read more

25 Astonishing Variegated Succulents With Images

variegated succulents

Plants possessing thick fleshy stems adapted for water storage are called succulents. As we know, they are native to desert or semi-arid areas. To survive in such an environment, succulents are adapted to store in their plant parts like stems, leaves or both and possess deep root systems. There are more than 60 plant families … Read more

Hoya Leytensis: Ultimate Care Guide

Hoya Leytensis Hoya Leytensis is a succulent-like climbing vine native to Southeast Asia. It is a perennial evergreen houseplant that develops as an epiphyte in moist tropical conditions. It has thin brown creeping stems with little green, smooth, meaty, and glossy oval leaves. It has tiny pubescent buff-salmon blooms with a yellow centre and up … Read more

Hoya Pallilimba: Everything You Need To Know

Hoya Pallilimba is an evergreen perennial succulent vine originating from South East Asia. It has fleshy, light-green, ovate leaves that are alternately placed on a thin, rounded stem and are somewhat bowed inward from both sides. The wet tropical environment is where it primarily develops because it is an epiphyte. This species of Hoya is … Read more

Twister Snake Plant: Care And Propagation

Snake plant is a common house plant native to tropical South West Africa and some parts of Asia. This plant is favourite among the succulent lovers due to its varieties. Different types of snake plants are available in the nature. One of them is Twister Snake Plant. It is an evergreen perennial succulent with upright … Read more