Succulent Plants Meaning: In Spiritual, Love and Feng shui


I have always searched for meaning in things since I was a child. The symbolism behind this or that piqued my interest. Would it be a good idea to keep it at home? What if it symbolizes a negative meaning? It is also common to have these questions when purchasing succulents or growing them. If you agree and want to know succulent plants’ meaning in detail before keeping them in your home, this is the right place for you. Just read this article till the end to get a complete overview of succulent plants’ meanings so that you can choose the plants with better meanings for yourself. Before we get started, let’s take a look at succulents.

It was barely convincing to my 6-year-old mind that flowers also grow in deserts where even the survival of so-called intelligent humans is impossible to live and survive for a long time. And these delicate plants have been grown since ancient times. Then, I found out know, these are called succulents.

Succulents are plants that are well known to store enough water in their body parts; especially their leaves. They are the only survivors in the drying deserts. They are capable of growing themself despite the extreme conditions. Because of its amazing ability to grow itself in adverse conditions, it is symbolized in different ways. Succulents in general symbolizes tenacity (Tenacity is a character shown by people who are determined, and who just won’t quit), strength, selflessness, and love. That is why people who are firm, determined, and dedicated are metaphorically compared to succulents. 

People often get confused about succulents and cacti. These are similar plants but not the same. The fact is all cactus are succulents but not all succulents are cactus. One of the major differences between succulents and cactus is that cactus contains pricking thorns in its body while succulents are fleshy, lacking thorns.  

Succulents, in general, are plants that store a lot of water in their body parts such as leaves, stems, and roots, making themselves ready to tolerate drought conditions at any time. They have smooth, shiny, and fleshy bodies. The leaves are thick, turgid, green in color, and smooth in texture. There are more than 50 families which include succulent plants. Species falling under Agavaceae, Aizoaceae, Aloaceae, Apocynaceae, Cactaceae, Crassulaceae, and Euphorbiaceae are named as succulents. Among these, Aizoaceae, and Cactaceae are the largest families containing more than 4000 species altogether; comprising about 40% of total succulent species. 

Succulents are grown to enhance the beauty of the garden. These are normally small in size, grow with little maintenance, are rich in texture and color, and can be accommodated even in very small congested spaces. Besides their beauty, some succulents are good for health too. Such as Sansevieria trifasciata, also known as snake plant, is a very nice air purifier. Saying this, it is very important to keep plants away from the reach of children and pets because some plants are allergic and even deadly when consumed. Now, It’s time to learn about Succulent Plants Meaning in detail.

Succulent Plants Meaning Spiritually

Similar to other flowers, succulents also have spiritual links. People from ancient civilizations interlinked some succulents as a power for transformation, positive energies, renewal, spiritual healing, etc. The colors and growing habits of different succulents are understood and correlated with individuals’ emotions which in return has provided them a spiritual relief. The beliefs and faith help people to overcome their pain and sorrows; and provide them strength to always move ahead towards betterment.  The quick overview table showing the spiritual meaning of succulent plants is presented below:-

S.NSucculent PlantsSpiritual Meaning
1.Agave Spiritual healing and fulfillment
2. EcheveriaStore spiritual energy from the sun
3.String of Pearls Purity and perseverance
4.Jade Plant Luck and prosperity
5.Aloe vera Good health, happiness, and grace
6.Cacti Physical as well as spiritual protection

Some of such succulents which are of spiritual importance to people in detail are :  

1. Agave

Agave succulent plants meaning

The spiritual meaning of agave has a seraphic link to divine energies. These flowers are believed to be a conduit to spiritual healing and fulfillment. They have a divine transformative energy that can help to come out of the negative emotions, and past sufferings and move towards a healthy and brighter future ahead. Also, some opinions claim that Agave blossoms can aid in establishing a link between our physical selves and higher states of awareness, giving us access to spiritual knowledge and direction. 

2. Echeveria

Echeveria succulent meaning

Echeverias are presumed to store spiritual energy from the sun. When the spark of morning sunlight falls on Echeveria plants, it radiates positive energy all over. This will help to create a good vibe and spiritual warmth around people. Also, the color of echeveria radiates positive energy. 

3. String of Pearls

String of pearls

String of pearls beaded chains of succulents that resemble the string of real pearls and symbolize loyalty, purity, and friendship. This spiritually makes us feel fulfilled, joyous, and energetic. The natural beads help us to believe in the beauty of nature and motivate us to have faith. It indicates purity and perseverance. 

4. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

There is a spiritual belief that the Jade plant is a symbol of luck and prosperity. The oval turgid leaves radiate the energy of prosperity, wealth, and fulfillment. 

5. Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been the most important succulent since ancient times. It is considered a symbol of good health, happiness, and grace. In ancient eras, these were hung in the doors, balconies, and gardens to show their devotion to god and divine powers. Aloes have occupied the spaces in homes also because of their healing power to different skin scratches and that is why it is believed to bring positive energy and good luck to your homes. 

6. Cacti

Cacti succulent meaning

Because of its structural makeup, the cactus represents both physical as well as spiritual protection. It conveys a spirit of tenacity and a protective atmosphere.

Succulent Plants Meaning in Love

Succulents are always considered a symbol of love, warmth, and ownness. The presence of varieties of color within a species can be symbolized by the different shades of emotions one goes through. These colors are differently beautiful from each other. The fleshy, compact, turgid leaves symbolize contentment and fulfillness. The growing ability of succulents even in adverse drought conditions radiates positive energies to stay calm and firm in all the ups and downs of life. Because of all these symbolisms that succulents hold on to, it is preferred as a gift to loved ones. The quick overview table showing the meaning of succulent plants in love is presented below:-

S.NSucculents PlantsMeaning in Love
1.Burro’s Tail Plant Never-ending love and affection
2.CactiCare and affection

Some of such succulent plants meaning in love are explained below :  

1. Burro’s Tail Plant

Burro's Tail Plant

These are elongated, tiny beads like succulents that are light green in color. These are the evergreen succulents that when gifted can symbolize never-ending love and affection towards the partner. These are very hardy and can tolerate extremities. These can rejuvenate themselves into new life even if they are made to suffer extreme drought conditions for a comparatively long time and provide no nutrition. I experimented on these succulents and was amazed to see the results. Even after shrinking completely due to extreme drought, they were able to rejuvenate themselves completely and continue growing as a fresh plants. So it would not be incorrect if we can take them as a symbol of love and tenacity. 

2. Cacti


It is said that, if you have received cacti as a gift then the person is showing care and affection towards you; that person wants to protect you from your hurdles and obstacles and is conveying to be always present as a supportive pillar for you. Also, If you are going through bad days and you receive it as a gift then the person is encouraging you to believe in your power, your competence, and capacity, and is motivating you to move ahead with grace and power. 

Succulent Plants as a Gift

If you want to give a plant to someone but can’t get any idea, just go for succulents. Succulents are the symbol of love, tenacity, perseverance, warmth, ownness, beauty, wonder, creation and so many more. These are stunning plants available in different colors, appearance, and shapes which also have different meanings and symbolisms. 

Most of the succulents are small in size but despite this fact, they are very wonderful. These do not require much care and management like the normal plants. Even a little care is enough to obtain their maximum growth. 

The quick overview table showing the succulent plants’ meaning in love is presented below:-

S.NSucculent PlantsMeaning As a Gift
1. Agave Security
2.Aloe vera Good health, fortune, and beauty
3.Chalk Lettuce Long Life
4.Crown of ThornProtection and purification
5.CactusBravery and power

The detailed overview of succulent plants meaning as a gift is explained below:-

1. Agave

Agave has strong, straight, pricky, sword-like leaves, so these plants are believed to symbolize security. Dip into Aztec mythology, the agave plant is represented as a symbol of good health, fertility, long life, passion, and transformation.

2. Aloe vera

Aloevera succulent meaning

Aloe vera has been symbolized as a symbol of good health, fortune, and beauty. This is because of its incredible medicinal properties. It contains very powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and wound-healing characteristics, making it a historically important plant to treat stomach issues as well as skin injuries (burns, wounds, insect bites, etc..) Gifting these medicinal plants can show your care and love for the individual. 

3. Chalk Lettuce

Chalk lettuce

These plants are also named chalk forever which are meant to symbolize long life. This is because they are found growing in rocks and very dry areas. If you want to wish someone well for their long life and well-being, this plant can be a great choice. 

4. Crown of Thorn

crown of thorns

This resilient type of succulent has been linked to protection and purification. The flowers of the crown of thorns are located at the top of the thorns and leaves. If you admire someone for their efforts and power and their dedication besides all the hurdles that person went through and you consider them as the winner of their life, you can gift these to them.

5. Cactus


We are aware of the cactus’ characteristics, including how it looks and how it grows. These are beautifully grown succulents in areas where rainfall is very very low. Thus, these are symbolized with bravery and power. That is why it is preferred to give it as a present to show how much you adore someone for their bravery and power. 

These are some plants that you can gift individually. But you can also make a minuscule garden of succulents by including succulents of different sizes, colors, textures, and origins into one pot. For this, you can choose flowers of complementing colors such as red, yellow, and green. For instance, take a bunch of Echeveria species and beautify them by adding monkey tail plants on the edges or using burro’s tail instead. Also, you can make a mix of cacti and agaves.

There are many ways to prepare gifts using succulents. You just need a little effort and some imagination of how you want your gift to look and you can prepare accordingly. 

Meaning of Succulent Plants in Biology

Succulents, in general morphology, are plants with enough stored water. They are comparatively smaller plants with very glistening and pompous leaves. They are available in different sizes and colors depending on the species. The mechanism and physiology of all succulents are almost similar. All the succulents can thrive in water-scarce conditions. However, too much heat and dry soil may damage its physiological process and the plant may die if proper care is not provided in time. Some of the succulents are known to open their stomata during the night rather than during the day. This physiological property is found to be very useful when kept near beds. For example, the snake plant respires during the night, which means it exhales oxygen and uptakes carbon dioxide from nearby surroundings during the night, thereby providing enough oxygen even during the night. That is why snake plants are planted in pots and are kept inside the room.

Succulent Plants Meaning in Feng shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy aiming to restore equilibrium and harmonize energies. It has described many philosophies regarding succulents, their meaning and orientations, and so on.  The overview table showing the meaning of succulents in feng sui is:-

SNSucculent PlantsMeaning in Feng Shui
1.Money Plant Brings wealth and luck to the house
2.Lucky Bamboo Luck
3.Snake Plant Good fortune, well-being, prosperity, and positive energy
4.Arrowhead Plant Fortune and prosperity
5. CactiRid of negative emotions and misfortune

The detailed overview of succulent plants meaning in Feng shui is:-

1. Money Plant

Money Plant

The money plant, with its name, conveys that it brings wealth and luck to the house. The rounded leaves of light to dark green color with a glossy appearance, in feng shui, is an intimation of strong fortune. 

2. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Even though lucky bamboo are African natives, these are well known around the world as lucky plants. The number of stems present is presumed to determine the luck of a person, the more stems the more luck is favored. It is a small pot plant and is more similar to succulents than to bamboo. 

3. Snake Plant

snake plant

Similar to other plants, the snake plant is also considered a plant of good fortune, well-being, prosperity, and positive energy. However, according to the feng shui concept, these plants should be kept in the correct location otherwise they will fail to shower the same magic and positive energies in your home. 

4. Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plant

The plant resembles an arrow with shiny green-colored leaves. It is a vastu plant and is preferred in houses to welcome good fortune and prosperity. There are five lobes on it, and they stand for fire, metal, earth, water, and wood. 

5. Cacti

cacti plant

According to the concept of feng shui, if you place the cactus in windows it will help you get rid of negative emotions and misfortune.

Final Verdict 

To cut a long story short, succulents are a wondrous species that convey positive messages through their beauty, endurance, resilience, appearance, growing phases, etc. These have been embraced by billions of people since ancient times. These little beautiful flowers and or plants have importance from a spiritual point of view, emotional point of view, and biological point of view. Since ancient eras, these have been taken as a hint of divine power and are conserved as a reflector of god. Some have healing powers, some protect (succulents with antifungal, anti-microbial properties) and some provide ease for human growth (helps in night respiration). 

Besides, these are also the symbol of love and fraternity. Because of all its qualities and properties, these are the perfect gift ideas too. This is complete information on Succulent Plants Meaning. If you have any questions or thoughts, please express them in the comments below.


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