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Mastering Dwarf Carpet of Stars: Essential Care Tips !

By: Prakash Bhattarai Nov 17, 2023

Bright, direct sunlight with high intensity. Early morning sunshine for 6 hours is ideal for flower production during the summer season.


It can survive in a wide range of temperatures, the lowest being 20 degrees F to the highest being 120 degrees F.


Regarding planting media, well-drained, light, and fertile Soil with a pH range of 6.5- 7 is good for Ruschia. Sandy soil is ideal for it.


We should water this lawn succulent every 7 to 10 days in the early phase. If the plant gets excess water, leaves start turning yellow.


Though a Dwarf carpet of stars can survive in a wide range of humidity, it doesn’t love high humidity. Too much humidity increases the chances of fungal disease.


Soil should be rich in organic matter. To enhance root and leaf formation in Ruschia nana the recommended dose is NPK @ 15:15:15 at a rate of ½ lb. of N per 1,000 sf.


Repotting is not necessary in Ruschia because we use it as ground cover. it can also be grown in small or large containers. When we grow it in a container we must do repotting once every year.


Mowing is unnecessary because it is a short-height plant that grows only up to 2 inches.