Welcome to our website www.succulentpath.com. This blog was founded on 1st July, 2022 by Mr. Sochan Limbu and Mr. Prakash Bhattarai with an intention to help all gardeners especially succulent lovers regarding their day to day gardening problems. Besides succulents, We also cover all the topics related to indoor gardening.

About Founders

Both Mr. Sochan Limbu and Mr. Prakash Bhattarai have completed Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. They have keen interest on horticulture especially Indoor Gardening(Succulents), Plant care and management. They are so fond of plants that they have their own pet plants. Through 2+ years of experience on handling and growing succulents, they have develop an intensive knowledge. Now – They want to share their knowledge to outer world and what can be a better option than blog. So – They started this blog as a medium to share their knowledge and ideas. If you have any queries regarding succulents or any other plants, Feel free to Contact Us.

Happy Planting!!