Operculicarya decaryi ‘Elephant tree’ – Care and Propagation

Operculicarya decaryi

The Operculicarya decaryi, commonly known as the Elephant tree, is a fascinating plant that captures the imagination with its unique appearance and intriguing name. The Elephant tree is highly valued for its striking appearance and is often cultivated for ornaments. Its popularity stems from its ability to thrive indoors and outdoors, making it an excellent … Read more

Wandering Jew Plant: Care and Propagation Guide

wandering jew plant

Introduction The Wandering Jew plant, also known as the Inch plant, has been a trendsetter in the world of plant swapping long before indoor gardening became popular. Its stunning foliage and ease of care make it a favorite among plant enthusiasts. Its variegated leaves, a captivating blend of purple, green, and silver, add a burst … Read more

Dolphin Succulent | String of Dolphin Care and Propagation

Dolphin Succulent, string of dolphin

Introduction Senecio peregrinus, the scientific name for the Dolphin Succulent, is a unique and endearing succulent that is distinguished by its trailing vines that bear leaves that resemble dolphins leaping. Because of its whimsical appearance, this delightful plant has become popular and is now a favorite among succulent enthusiasts. The leaves have a fascinating form … Read more

Mother of Millions (Kalanchoe Delagoensis): Care and Propagation

mother of millions

Mother of Millions is a remarkable native of Madagascar succulent, scientifically known as Kalanchoe delagoensis. It is well-known for its unusual reproductive strategy, which results in tiny plants, or “babies,” growing up the margins of its leaves. These seedlings descend to the earth, take root, and develop into stand-alone plants. Succulent collections will look amazing … Read more

Old Lady Cactus (Mammillaria hahniana): Care and Propagation

old lady cactus

Introduction In the world of succulent plants, the “Old Lady Cactus,” scientifically known as Mammillaria hahniana, is a well-liked and charming cactus species. Mexico is the native home of this lovely cactus, especially in the states of Hidalgo and Queretaro. Its unusual, dense covering of white spines, which gives it the appearance of an elderly … Read more

Peperomia ferreyrae: Happy Bean Succulent Care and Propagation

Peperomia ferreyrae, happy Bean succulent

Introduction Peperomia ferreyrae is a widely known small succulent shrub with erect branches bearing bright green beanlike leaves along with a darker green translucent window in the upper surface. It grows up to 30 cm tall. Well, it is also called “Happy Bean Succulent” as is likely attributed to the plant’s bean-shaped leaves and its general … Read more

Overwatered vs Underwatered Succulent: Signs and Remedies

Overwatered vs Underwatered Succulent

Introduction By the term Succulents, we understand the desert plants with fleshy, swollen modified stems or leaves for storage of water making them drought-resistant and can survive even in a limited supply of water. The word succulent itself comes from the Latin word ‘sulcus’, meaning juice or sap. Using succulents as the houseplant has been … Read more

Are Succulents Poisonous to Cats – Know the Truth !

Are succulents poisonous to cats

We humans are not comfortable in the desert, we like something cooler than that. But some plants can survive in the harsh temperatures. Despite the water scarcity, they manage to grow. You might wonder what those strange Plants are. How can they survive drought conditions?? Well, those plants are categorized as succulents.  Welcome to the … Read more

Echeveria agavoides Ebony : A Complete Guide

Echeveria agavoides ebony

Growing succulents is always fun. Learning its growing behavior and requirements lets me be closer to these plants. Among various succulents, my personal favorite is Echeveria agavoides Ebony because of its amazing appearance and absolutely beautiful mix of colours. This article will give you detailed information about how to care for and propagate Ebony.  Echeveria … Read more