Old Lady Cactus (Mammillaria hahniana): Care and Propagation

old lady cactus

Introduction In the world of succulent plants, the “Old Lady Cactus,” scientifically known as Mammillaria hahniana, is a well-liked and charming cactus species. Mexico is the native home of this lovely cactus, especially in the states of Hidalgo and Queretaro. Its unusual, dense covering of white spines, which gives it the appearance of an elderly … Read more

Peperomia ferreyrae: Happy Bean Succulent Care and Propagation

Peperomia ferreyrae, happy Bean succulent

Introduction Peperomia ferreyrae is a widely known small succulent shrub with erect branches bearing bright green beanlike leaves along with a darker green translucent window in the upper surface. It grows up to 30 cm tall. Well, it is also called “Happy Bean Succulent” as is likely attributed to the plant’s bean-shaped leaves and its general … Read more

31 Stunning Aglaonema Varieties With Pictures

Aglaonema varieties

Introduction Aglaonema commonly known as Chinese evergreen is a genus of flowering plants falling under the arum family, Araceae. It is botanically called Aglaonema commutatum and has common names such as Chinese evergreen, Philippine evergreen, and Poison Dart Plant. It is an herbaceous perennial plant with vibrant, colorful, and strikingly patterned leaves which grows up … Read more

Red Sunflowers: Are They Real?

Red Sunflower

Red sunflower is an unusual yet mesmerizing sunflower with vivid red petals and dark center symbolizing wealth, good luck, strength, love, passion, lust and positivity. It is much branched bushy herb attaining height of 1.5-2m or 3 m. It is a very unrealistic herbaceous annual or perennial flower belonging to the family Asteraceae (Compositae). Botanically … Read more

Kuska Plant: English name, Care & Benefits

kuska plant shwoing leaves and a fruit

Kuska Plant is a very unique highly productive, easy-to-grow vegetable plant belonging to family cucurbitaceae. It is vining species with the height of 2.5-3 m. Although its Perennial species it is grown as annual due to its sensitivity to frost. It is botanically called Melothria scabra and it has got many other common names namely: … Read more

Ceropegia woodii “String of Arrows” – Care and Propagation

string of arrows

String of arrows is one of the unique succulent-like vining plants having light green to grey-green arrow-shaped pointed leaves along the long reddish-brown vines. They are the trailing vines that look beautiful with their fleshy, round,  brown stems cascading down from a certain height like a hanging basket, window sill or some high shelf. It … Read more

String of Tears: Beginner’s Guide to Care and Propagation

string of tears

Have you ever thought of decorating your Balcony with strings covered with beautiful leaves?? If yes, then a string of tears is a pretty good option. You can grow this plant in a hanging basket on your Balcony with minimal care. The only thing to care for is that they must be provided with support … Read more

Haworthia obtusa: Everything You Need To Know

Haworthia obtusa

Succulent plants can survive in adverse environments without much care and interference from humans. Seeing these desert plants growing in hostile environments, we are inspired to tackle all the hurdles of our life like them and move forward despite any problems. Thus, having succulents in front of our eyes keeps us motivated. Haworthia Obtusa, a … Read more

Agave Geminiflora: Easy Guide For Caring and Propagation

Agave geminiflora

Have you ever wished for a very low-maintenance succulent that can bring a desert vibe into your doors? Your answer is probably, Yes. As a gardener, finding a succulent requiring minimal care is like a treasure, Right? In this article, I am glad to inform you that we have found that treasure, especially for you, … Read more

Philodendron Cream Splash: Ultimate Guide to Care and Propagation

Philodendron cream splash

Introduction Among many genera of Philodendrons, Philodendron Cream Splash is a popular tropical plant preferred for its evergreen foliage. The plant is also known by the name of the sweetheart plant or heart-leaf due to its showy foliage. It is a vining plant that grows as a climber and does not require much care. It … Read more