31 Stunning Aglaonema Varieties With Pictures

Aglaonema varieties

Introduction Aglaonema commonly known as Chinese evergreen is a genus of flowering plants falling under the arum family, Araceae. It is botanically called Aglaonema commutatum and has common names such as Chinese evergreen, Philippine evergreen, and Poison Dart Plant. It is an herbaceous perennial plant with vibrant, colorful, and strikingly patterned leaves which grows up … Read more

25 Astonishing Variegated Succulents With Images

variegated succulents

Plants possessing thick fleshy stems adapted for water storage are called succulents. As we know, they are native to desert or semi-arid areas. To survive in such an environment, succulents are adapted to store in their plant parts like stems, leaves or both and possess deep root systems. There are more than 60 plant families … Read more

Twister Snake Plant: Care And Propagation

Snake plant is a common house plant native to tropical South West Africa and some parts of Asia. This plant is favourite among the succulent lovers due to its varieties. Different types of snake plants are available in the nature. One of them is Twister Snake Plant. It is an evergreen perennial succulent with upright … Read more

20+Astonishing Red Succulents That Stays Red

The word Succulent is derived from the Latin word ‘sucus’, meaning juicy or sap. In general, Succulents are referred to as the plants with fleshy and engorged parts adapted to retain water in arid climates and dry soil conditions. They have different parts modified for the water storage and are drought tolerant. They are low … Read more

31 Types Of Snake Plants With Names And Images

Snake plant is one of the most popular, stylish foliage plants grown as house plant and indoor plant possessing many health benefits. It is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Europe, Asia and western Africa. It can be mostly found growing in the highlands of Kenya, Zimbabwe. It is a perennial evergreen plant grown … Read more

20+ Large Succulents Which Looks Stunning

Large Succulents Plants having thick fleshy tissue adapted to water storage are known as succulents. Some succulent plants store water in their leaves whereas those lacking leaves or having small leaves store water mainly in the stem. Deep root system adapted to the desert condition is their characteristic feature. Most of the cultivated succulent plants … Read more

28 Stunning Pink Succulents To Grow

Pink Succulents Succulents are the specialized group of plants found in desert areas or arid climates having fleshy, thick leaves and stems to store water adapted to withstand harsh climate. They are found in different forms, shapes, colors and blooms. They are highly popular house plants as well as garden plants especially among dreamy busy … Read more