28 Stunning Pink Succulents To Grow

Pink Succulents

Succulents are the specialized group of plants found in desert areas or arid climates having fleshy, thick leaves and stems to store water adapted to withstand harsh climate. They are found in different forms, shapes, colors and blooms. They are highly popular house plants as well as garden plants especially among dreamy busy gardeners. Many colorful succulents can be grown easily both indoors and outdoors hassle-free with minimal care and resources. Their colorful appearances create an eye-appealing view and delightful environment around them.

Among various colored succulents, pink succulents are relatively popular due to their diverse shades with pleasing appearances. Pink succulents can help improve air quality cleaning toxins and carbon dioxide while emitting oxygen. Having pink succulents around remarkably contributes in removing stress and anxiety. According to Vastu Shastra, growing such colorful succulents brings prosperity and creates positive vibes around the space.

We will be learning about the Pink Succulents by dividing them into two Categories, Perfectly Pink Succulents and Pink Succulents With Green Leaves.

Perfectly Pink Succulents

1. Pink Champagne

Echeveria Pink Champange

Scientific name: Echeveria ‘Pink Champagne’

It is a slow-growing succulent having fleshy rosettes forming leaves with shades of pink. It is a hybrid obtained by crossing Echeveria Laui with Echeveria Agavoides ‘Romeo’.

2. Perle Von Nurnberg

Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg

Scientific name: Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nurnberg’

It is a small evergreen succulent well-loved for its obovate leaves forming rosettes which has purplish-grey sheen that turns into pearlescent pink and purple tones on exposure to sunlight. It is a hybrid cross between Echeveria gibbiflora ‘Metallica’ and E. elegans.

3. Ghost Plant

Ghost Plant

Scientific name: Graptopetalum paraguayense

It has leaves sticking out in all directions making it look like a hedgehog. It has light pink leaves which blushes in the presence of sunlight. The more sun they get, the more pink they have.

4. Pink Moonstone

Pink Moonstone

Scientific name: Pachyphytum Oviferum

It is a very rare succulent native to Mexico, having pinkish chubby pebble-like leaves. The leaf surfaces are covered with a thin layer of white powder making it silvery.

5.Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’

Sedum rubrotinctum Aurora

Scientific name: Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’

This succulent has tight compact small bean shaped leaves that are plump and juicy. It has mauve pinkish colour along with cream and light yellow green shades. When exposed to strong sunlight, the leaves can turn red. They prefer bright sunlight with partial shade to maintain their pinkish tone.

6. Neon Breaker Echeveria

Echeveria Neon Breaker

Scientific name: Echeveria ‘Neon Breaker’

It is an eye-catching succulent having intensely colourful leaf margins with crinkled or wavy leaf edges. It has blue-green leaves with bright pink edges. It is a robust grower possessing unique contrast in colour. It is a continuous grower unlike other Echeveria species.

7. Taurus Echeveria

Echeveria agavoidesTaurus

Scientific name: Echeveria agavoides ‘Taurus’

It is a perennial, evergreen succulent bearing almost triangular colourful fleshy leaves forming compact rosettes. It has green leaves with strong bronze-red to pink flushing. The leaf colouration becomes more dramatic with increased sunlight.

8. Afterglow Echeveria

Echeveria Afterglow

Scientific name: Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

It is an eye-catching hybrid succulent with broad leaves forming rosettes widely popular for its amazing colour and beauty . Its leaves are considered an ‘out of this world’ colour which are pinkish-lavender adorned with brighter pink edges covered by a thin layer of powder. It produces red flowers during the blooming season.

9. Echeveria laui

Echeveria laui

Scientific name: Echeveria laui

It is a slow-growing perennial succulent with compact rosettes which enjoys plenty of sunlight. The green shade of the leaves is made more appealing with a tint of blue and pink. The chubby, rounded leaves are covered with a thick powdery coating, known as farina, which helps to protect the plant from harsh environments.

10. Bluebean Succulent

Graptopetalum paraguayense

Scientific name: Graptopetalum Pachyphyllum

It is a low growing, round succulent branching at its base with a light pleasant fragrance. It is formed by the clusters of mini-rosettes with small plump leaves. The leaves are blue-green in colour adorned with pinkish-red tips. The pink colour intensifies on exposure to bright sunlight.

11. Pink Daisy Aeonium

Aoenium Pink Daisy

Scientific name: Aeonium ‘Pink Daisy’

Aeonium Pink Daisy is a new variegation of ‘Mardi Gras’ having different shades of pink scattered on its leaves surrounded by bright pink edges. Its shades also depend on the intensity of light it is exposed to.

12. Aeonium Pink Witch

Aeonium Pink Witch

Scientific name: Aeonium ‘Pink Witch’

It is a variegation of Aeonium ‘Blushing Beauty’ whose intensity of Pink colouration changes based on change of light levels throughout the season- from an intense Pink on exposure to sufficient sunlight during summer to a Chalky Pink with Magenta tipping of the leaves in lower light levels during Winter.

13. Pink Granite

Sedeveria sedum echeveria

Scientific name: Sedeveria (Sedum × Echeveria) ‘Pink Granite’

It is a hybrid succulent with a minty green center surrounded by soft pink leaves. The leaves are round, plump and form rosettes. The plant grows up a little tall and starts trailing around as ground cover or edger. Its peachy pink hue can be protected by keeping it under bright indirect light or morning sun.

14. Pink Ruby Succulent

Sedeveria Pink Ruby

Scientific name: Sedeveria ‘Pink Ruby’

It is a hardy intergenic succulent having smooth compact plump leaves which boasts a lovely blush shade upon exposure to sunlight. This succulent starts out as purple with hints of green and then, eventually turns bright pink on exposure to adequate sunlight.

15. Crassula ovata ‘Pink Beauty’

Crassula ovata pink beauty

Scientific name: Crassula ovata ‘Pink Beauty’

It is a branching succulent with thick stems also called Pink Jade Plants. It has flat, glossy, obovate leaves with red margins and it is considered as a symbol of good luck. It produces clusters of pink flowers on blooming. It is a tall growing plant and can reach up to 1.5m height.

16. Calico Kitten

Crassula pellucida variegata

Scientific name: Crassula pellucida ‘Variegata’

It is an adorable, small branching succulent with cute heart-shaped variegated leaves having soft stems trailing over the hanging basket or the ground surface. Shades of its leaves vary from pale-green to yellow-green, creamy or pink shades.

17. Pink Mountain Rose Succulent

Greenovia Aurea EI Hierro

Scientific name: Greenovia Aurea El Hierro ‘Pink Rose Succulent’

It’s a super rare perennial cute succulent with tightly packed leaves resembling a rosebud. During winter dormant period when it is exposed to sunlight, dumb colours will transforms to fabulous pastel pinkish or purplish. It looks gorgeous and magical.

18. Can Can

Echeveria can can

Scientific name: Echeveria ‘Can Can’

It is a large rosette forming succulent with broad, stout and fleshy leaves. Its ruffled edges make it quite unique. The leaf colour changes from copper-green to purple or pink shades depending on the sun exposure. The entire epidermis is covered with a white farina which helps protect the plant from harsh atmospheric conditions.

Pink Succulents With Green Leaves

19. Tippy Echeveria

Echeveria Tippy

Scientific name: Echeveria ‘Tippy’

It is a beautiful low growing, drought tolerant, evergreen succulent having fleshy bluish-green leaves adorned with prominent pink towards its pointy tips forming a rosette. It is a hybrid cross between the Echeveria Derenbergii and Echeveria Agavoides. It produces orange bell-shaped flowers in bloom.

20. Raindrops Echeveria

Echeveria raindrops

Scientific name: Echeveria ‘Raindrops’

It is an adorable low growing succulent with pale-green leaves forming rosettes. The leaves are round shaped with some bumps growing on their upper surface. The leaf colour changes to pink or bright red and the bumps grow bigger on exposure to bright sunlight. The bumps disappear during summer and start growing on new leaves towards the early winter.

21. Turtle Vine

Callisia repens Pink Lady

Scientific name: Callisia repens ‘Pink Lady’

It is a low growing, evergreen, perennial branching succulent with small round waxy leaves on their purple or dark pink stems. The leaves are pinkish, green striped and creamy with a burgundy underside. It is a vigorously growing trailing succulent used as a ground cover or in a hanging basket.

22. Jelly Bean Sedum

Sedum rubrotinctum

Scientific name: Sedum rubrotinctum or Sedum × rubrotinctum

It is mat-forming, low-growing, evergreen perennial succulent. This succulent has fleshy round jelly-shaped glossy leaves with red tips which turn into bronze or dark pink in summer. It thrives in partial-sun and bright filtered light This plant is a cross of Sedum pachyphyllum and Sedum stahlii. It tends to trail over the side of the pot as it grows.

23. Sunrise Succulent

Anacampseros rufescens sunrise

Scientific name: Anacampseros rufescens ‘Sunrise’

It is a low growing succulent with a cluster of fleshy, colourful leaves forming rosettes. The leaves are rainbow colored with foliage in the shades of green, yellow-green, purple and bright pink. It produces beautiful delicate little pink flowers in bloom. They start out small but eventually start covering the pot with its offsets.

24. Pink Butterflies” Succulent

Kalanchoe Pink Butterflies

Scientific name: Kalanchoe ‘Pink Butterflies’

It is a gorgeous succulent with long narrow green leaves bearing small pink plantlets or bulbils along its edges. It is a variegated form of Kalanchoe × houghtonii. It has an erect non branching stem which grows tall up to 36 inches..

25. Pink Blush Aloe

Aloe Pink Blush

Scientific name: Aloe ‘Pink Blush’

It is a clumping Aloe with striking pink-peach-sand leaves in a rosette. It has dark green textured leaves mottled with light green pigments and has pink toothy ridges. It produces orange flowers in bloom.

26. String of Hearts

Ceropegia woodii variegate

Scientific name: Ceropegia woodii variegata

It is a cute evergreen, tuberous trailing succulent with little heart shaped leaves on its delicate purplish stem. The leaves bear green, cream and pink shades. It produces lantern shaped pink and purple tubular flowers.

27. Corn Cob Cactus Succulent


Scientific name: Euphorbia mammillaris

 This succulent possesses clusters of thick branches with chalky green erect ribbed stems bearing tubercles in rows resembling “corn cobs” studded with some toothpick like spines. Its exposed parts are transformed to pinkish shade under bright sunlight.

28. Crassula Platyphylla

Crassula Platyphylla variegata

Scientific name: Crassula Platyphylla variegata

It is a low-growing, clustering succulent with round light-green or yellow-green leaves adorned with pinkish tones towards its tips. More sun and drought can bring out its vibrant stress colours. It produces yellow booms.


Pink succulents do bring colourful and cheerful vibes around them. There’s no doubt, the space looks gorgeous because of their pink shades. Most of them are small in size, so can be adjusted in any empty place inside the house. Thus, the pink succulents which create a delightful environment with just a little care are definitely a go to purchase for all the succulent lovers, especially busy bees.


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