Hoya Leytensis: Ultimate Care Guide

Hoya Leytensis Hoya Leytensis is a succulent-like climbing vine native to Southeast Asia. It is a perennial evergreen houseplant that develops as an epiphyte in moist tropical conditions. It has thin brown creeping stems with little green, smooth, meaty, and glossy oval leaves. It has tiny pubescent buff-salmon blooms with a yellow centre and up … Read more

Hoya Pallilimba: Everything You Need To Know

Hoya Pallilimba is an evergreen perennial succulent vine originating from South East Asia. It has fleshy, light-green, ovate leaves that are alternately placed on a thin, rounded stem and are somewhat bowed inward from both sides. The wet tropical environment is where it primarily develops because it is an epiphyte. This species of Hoya is … Read more

Snake Plant Vastu Direction

What Is Vastu? Vastu is the traditional ancient system of describing the principle design, layout and measurements which is supposed to bring along with promises of good health, wealth and happiness in life. The universal need for peace and harmony has increased the popularity and trust of people on vastu shastra. It is believed that … Read more

Philodendron El Choco Red: New Name and Care

Philodendron El Choco Red is an amazingly stunning and most desirable Philodendron species originated from the Choco region of Columbia and Ecuador which is where the name comes from. This plant has deep-green satiny or almost velvety incredibly striking leaves with prominent light green veins running throughout, having a typical heart shaped Philodendron kind of … Read more

Aeonium Black Rose: Care and Propagation

Aeonium Black Rose is an extremely beautiful and charming monocarpic succulent. It has large burgundy or purple black foliage with a green centre arranged in a rosette. The stems are thick, fleshy and rough, light brown or yellowish in colour. It produces clusters of yellow flowers which can bring contrast in any garden. It has … Read more

Hoya Retusa: Care And Propagation

Hoya Retusa is one of the Hoya species with unusual attractive leaf forms and cute little flowers. It is native to India and eastern Himalayas. It has a unique tender, thin cylindrical grass-like succulent leaves and ‘Retusa’ meaning it has a rounded leaf apex with a notch. It is a vining epiphytic plant with trailing … Read more

Cotyledon Pendens: Care And Propagation

Introduction Cotyledon pendens is a rare trailing succulent plant of the Crassulaceae family. This is a much branched shrublet. It has a hanging stem that measures 60 cm in length. This plant is also known by the name of cliff cotyledon. During summer months this plant grows on rocky outcrops. They become dormant in winter … Read more