Succulent Plants Meaning: In Spiritual, Love and Feng shui

succulent plants meaning

Introduction I have always searched for meaning in things since I was a child. The symbolism behind this or that piqued my interest. Would it be a good idea to keep it at home? What if it symbolizes a negative meaning? It is also common to have these questions when purchasing succulents or growing them. … Read more

Azucena Flower | Madonna lily: Meaning, Care and Propagation 

Azucena flower also known as Madonna lily with white flower showing the yellowish anthers

Do you know about a plant that has thrived since ancient Roman times and continues to captivate with its enduring beauty, cherished by people of all ages ? If you don’t, today is the perfect opportunity to discover about the exquisite and graceful flower known as Azucena Flower. Lilies are wonderful flowers. They are the … Read more

How to Make Best Succulent Soil Mix (With Recipe)

How to Make Best Succulent Soil Mix

On my initial days of growing succulents, I used normal soil mix which can be used for all kinds of plants. But, With time, I realised that my succulents were not growing properly; some were dying early and some initially turned yellow and ultimately died. I thought this is happening because I am not using … Read more

Are Succulents Poisonous to Cats – Know the Truth !

Are succulents poisonous to cats

We humans are not comfortable in the desert, we like something cooler than that. But some plants can survive in the harsh temperatures. Despite the water scarcity, they manage to grow. You might wonder what those strange Plants are. How can they survive drought conditions?? Well, those plants are categorized as succulents.  Welcome to the … Read more

Dwarf Carpet of Stars (Ruschia nana): Care and Propagation

dwarf carpet of stars, ruschia nana

Do you know you can have a lawn of succulents?? Strange huh?? Yeah. Ruschia nana aka Dwarf Carpet of Stars is a very soothing, low-maintenance plant that works great as a ground cover. The astonishing fact about making the lawns of Ruschia is that we don’t have to mow them. We do have time boundaries … Read more

String of Frogs: Complete Guide For Growing and Care 

string of frogs

Have you ever seen any creeping figs hanging around with tiny frog-shaped or oak-shaped leaves and wondered what that is? Well, it’s a string of Frogs. Here we present a complete guide for growing and caring for the string of frogs if you’re thinking about adding this beautiful houseplant to your collection. Introduction A string … Read more