Cotyledon Pendens: Care And Propagation

Introduction Cotyledon pendens is a rare trailing succulent plant of the Crassulaceae family. This is a much branched shrublet. It has a hanging stem that measures 60 cm in length. This plant is also known by the name of cliff cotyledon. During summer months this plant grows on rocky outcrops. They become dormant in winter … Read more

Portulaca Molokiniensis: Care And Propagation

Portulaca Molokiniensis Portulaca molokiniensis is an unusual looking succulent native to the hawaii. Appearance of this succulent differs from other succulents. This plant has got multiple stems and branches. These multiple stems and branches clump together to form the dense shrub. This plant is short and attains the height of 18 inches. In Hawaii Portulaca … Read more

9 O Clock Flower—Care And Propagation

The 9 O clock flower plant is an exceptionally beautiful, deeply fragrant annual bedding succulent with plump narrow leaves used for pots as well as landscapes. It is named so because of its unique feature to bloom around 9 to 10 o’clock every single morning. It is a drought and heat tolerant tropical flower native to … Read more

31 Types Of Snake Plants With Names And Images

Snake plant is one of the most popular, stylish foliage plants grown as house plant and indoor plant possessing many health benefits. It is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Europe, Asia and western Africa. It can be mostly found growing in the highlands of Kenya, Zimbabwe. It is a perennial evergreen plant grown … Read more

20+ Large Succulents Which Looks Stunning

Large Succulents Plants having thick fleshy tissue adapted to water storage are known as succulents. Some succulent plants store water in their leaves whereas those lacking leaves or having small leaves store water mainly in the stem. Deep root system adapted to the desert condition is their characteristic feature. Most of the cultivated succulent plants … Read more

Firestick Plant [Euphorbia tirucalli]: Care And Propagation

Firestick Plant Firestick plant commonly known as naked lady is a hardy, leafless (as leaves fall very soon), ornamental shrub performing best in dry weather conditions. This is a fast growing and spreading plant. Since, Euphorbia tirucalli is an evergreen succulent plant, it is adapted to semi-arid climatic conditions. Firestick is not a tropical plant. … Read more

Ric Rac Cactus: Care And Propagation

Ric Rac Cactus  Ric Rac Cactus are the unique looking cacti with distinctive glossy green and lobed fleshy leaves in an alternate wavy pattern. Their stems are clustered densely at the base and can cascade dramatically over the pot. They are the members of the night blooming cactus family. So, it’s pretty rare to see … Read more

28 Stunning Pink Succulents To Grow

Pink Succulents Succulents are the specialized group of plants found in desert areas or arid climates having fleshy, thick leaves and stems to store water adapted to withstand harsh climate. They are found in different forms, shapes, colors and blooms. They are highly popular house plants as well as garden plants especially among dreamy busy … Read more

Alligator Plant: Care, Propagation And Benefits

Introduction  Alligator plant is a special undemanding and low- maintenance house plant admired for its unique foliage beauty. These succulents  have long, thick and serrated dandy green leaves with small spurs along its phylloclade that can grow into the plantlets, with purple coloring underneath. The Alligator plant has a cylindrical unbranched stem which can grow … Read more