Dwarf Carpet of Stars (Ruschia nana): Care and Propagation

dwarf carpet of stars, ruschia nana

Do you know you can have a lawn of succulents?? Strange huh?? Yeah. Ruschia nana aka Dwarf Carpet of Stars is a very soothing, low-maintenance plant that works great as a ground cover. The astonishing fact about making the lawns of Ruschia is that we don’t have to mow them. We do have time boundaries … Read more

Agave Geminiflora: Easy Guide For Caring and Propagation

Agave geminiflora

Have you ever wished for a very low-maintenance succulent that can bring a desert vibe into your doors? Your answer is probably, Yes. As a gardener, finding a succulent requiring minimal care is like a treasure, Right? In this article, I am glad to inform you that we have found that treasure, especially for you, … Read more

String of Frogs: Complete Guide For Growing and Care 

string of frogs

Have you ever seen any creeping figs hanging around with tiny frog-shaped or oak-shaped leaves and wondered what that is? Well, it’s a string of Frogs. Here we present a complete guide for growing and caring for the string of frogs if you’re thinking about adding this beautiful houseplant to your collection. Introduction A string … Read more

25 Astonishing Variegated Succulents With Images

variegated succulents

Plants possessing thick fleshy stems adapted for water storage are called succulents. As we know, they are native to desert or semi-arid areas. To survive in such an environment, succulents are adapted to store in their plant parts like stems, leaves or both and possess deep root systems. There are more than 60 plant families … Read more

Philodendron Cream Splash: Ultimate Guide to Care and Propagation

Philodendron cream splash

Introduction Among many genera of Philodendrons, Philodendron Cream Splash is a popular tropical plant preferred for its evergreen foliage. The plant is also known by the name of the sweetheart plant or heart-leaf due to its showy foliage. It is a vining plant that grows as a climber and does not require much care. It … Read more

Scindapsus Silver Lady: Ultimate Guide to Care and Propagation

Scindapsus Silver Lady

Introduction Scindapsus silver lady is a succulent vining plant with green leaves possessing an artistic splash of silver. This is an excellent growing material if you are searching for vines. The leaves appear as if the snow has set on them. The artistic leaves of this plant draw the attention of visitors. The large leaves … Read more

Hoya Leytensis: Ultimate Care Guide

Hoya Leytensis Hoya Leytensis is a succulent-like climbing vine native to Southeast Asia. It is a perennial evergreen houseplant that develops as an epiphyte in moist tropical conditions. It has thin brown creeping stems with little green, smooth, meaty, and glossy oval leaves. It has tiny pubescent buff-salmon blooms with a yellow centre and up … Read more

Hoya Pallilimba: Everything You Need To Know

Hoya Pallilimba is an evergreen perennial succulent vine originating from South East Asia. It has fleshy, light-green, ovate leaves that are alternately placed on a thin, rounded stem and are somewhat bowed inward from both sides. The wet tropical environment is where it primarily develops because it is an epiphyte. This species of Hoya is … Read more

Twister Snake Plant: Care And Propagation

Snake plant is a common house plant native to tropical South West Africa and some parts of Asia. This plant is favourite among the succulent lovers due to its varieties. Different types of snake plants are available in the nature. One of them is Twister Snake Plant. It is an evergreen perennial succulent with upright … Read more

Snake Plant Vastu Direction

What Is Vastu? Vastu is the traditional ancient system of describing the principle design, layout and measurements which is supposed to bring along with promises of good health, wealth and happiness in life. The universal need for peace and harmony has increased the popularity and trust of people on vastu shastra. It is believed that … Read more